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Special nitrogen equipment for offshore oil machine

The special nitrogen making machine is applicable to the fields of nitrogen protection, transportation, replacement, emergency and maintenance. It has the characteristics of strong environmental adaptability, small size, light weight, high security and strong corrosion resistance。


1.Adopt advanced membrane separation technology or PSA nitrogen making technology;

2.Design, manufacture and inspection in strict accordance with "Specification for construction and entry of offshore fixed platform or mobile platform;

Approved by CCS, BV, DNA, ABS, GL and other five global classification societies;

The machine has compact structure, convenient installation and small footprint, convenient hoisting and transportation。

The equipment meets the requirements of protection, explosion protection, anticorrosion, low temperature, high temperature, safety, environmental protection and so on;

Remote monitoring system is optional, Reliable operation, Nitrogen purity, pressure; 

flow rate and so on can be adjusted; Light weight, pry block chemical or low energy consumption, safety and environmental protection, environmental adaptability and so on;

Technical indicators:

Nitrogen Output:10—3000Nm3/h

Nitrogen Purity:95—99.9%

Nitrogen pressure:0.8—2.0Mpa(can be pressurized)

Nitrogen dew point:-40~-70度

Preparation method: membrane separation or PSA

ICP:Zhejiang NO.10203103