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The technology of Purification CO by PSA

CO was purified from mixed gases containing carbon monoxide CO, hydrogen H2, methane CH4, carbon dioxide and CO2 by PSA process. The raw gas enters into a PSA device and absorbs CO2, moisture and trace sulfur. After decarburization, the purified gas enters the secondary PSA device to remove impurities such as H2, N2 and CH4, and the adsorbed CO is released as the product through vacuum decompression.



Feed gas:

water gas、semi-water-gas、Regenerated Gas Washed with Copper、Texaco coal gasification

、blast furnace gas、yellow phosphorus tail gas、Carbon black tail gas

Other gas sources

Control mode and characteristics

Control mode: The SPA device is controlled by the controller and meter. The controller can select DCS, FCS and PLC control system according to the scale and control requirements of the SPA device.

Characteristics: It not only realizes the conventional control of the system, but also realizes the expert control and adaptive optimization control of arbitrary combination and switching of multiple towers, which not only improves the operational flexibility of the device, but also ensures the long-term, stable and safe operation of the PSA device.


Provide patents and proprietary technology, provide the design for complete equipment

provide general contracting of equipment

Provide technical service and personnel training during installation and commissioning of the equipment

After acceptance, the warranty period for one year.

Long-term provision of spare parts, spare parts

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