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Create tianli harmonious atmosphere

corporate objectives:Strive to become the world''s major gas equipment manufacturers and gas products suppliers!

Development imperatives:We hope we can use our expertise in technology and years of experience to serve our customer!

Managing principle:The science and technique for advantage, Take the market as the guide, Survive by quality, innovation and development" for the purpose. Reputation for services!

Company’s code of conduct:Pay close attention to the needs of every customer, pay attention to every detail and persist in doing everything well.

Honor and passion

Enterprise -- aim for the top and pursue a higher level

Enthusiasm -- conveys enthusiasm to customers in a positive manner

Creativity -- make every effort to meet customer needs and exceed user expectations.

Responsibility -- do your job well and concentrate on details.

Speed -- To serve customers for professionally

The pursuit of perfection -- always reflects, always improve and strive for perfection

Management team

Management team

The company''s 13th anniversary celebration

The company''s 13th anniversary celebration

All production staff Technical training

All production staff Technical training

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